Dr. Megan Cannon is a sport psychologist whose mission is assisting athletes in reaching their peak potential on and off the field.

Growing up as an athlete and dancer, she experienced the demanding pressure of training and competing, along with the impact it can have on performance. In her path to find a solution, she entered into a Ph.D. program in clinical psychology and began her mission to assist athletes and high-performers in achieving strong emotional health and peak performance.

Since then, she has had the opportunity to work with athletes and teams at Bucknell University, Duquesne University, Johns Hopkins University, Lafayette College, Lehigh University, Old Dominion University, Towson University, University of Massachusetts, University of Pittsburgh, and more. Additionally, Dr. Megan has traveled across the country delivering keynote speeches at universities, high schools, and conferences and has appeared on ESPN’s SportsCenter multiple times as an expert on sport psychology.


Why meet with a sport psychologist?

The world of athletics has become increasingly more competitive. Athletes are relentlessly training to get an edge over their competition. With that being said, there comes a point where physical skill can only take an athlete so far. On the day of competition, it’s the athlete who can perform at their peak, consistently, when it matters who is successful. Success in these moments comes down to the athlete’s mental game. It’s the athlete’s ability to manage pre-game anxiety, regulate emotions, rebound from mistakes, adapt and adjust to factors that influence the game beyond their control, and more that give them the edge. These are some of the skills that are learned and developed through meeting with a sport psychologist and why having one on your team is essential for peak performance.



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