Keynote Speaking

Dr. Megan captivates audiences with her dynamic and insightful keynote presentations. Bringing together the worlds of psychology and performance, she delves into the intricacies of the human mind to unleash untapped potential. Known for her concise and actionable content, Dr. Megan is a trusted voice on emotional health and performance. She delivers fully customizable programs that are positive and powerful. Between keynotes, breakout sessions, workshops, trainings, each message is handcrafted for your audience and available in-person or virtual. Dr. Megan can also accommodate half-day, full day, and multi-day conferences.

Dr. Megan has a history of transforming the mental game of athletes and high performers, empowering them to reach their full potential. She has worked with athletes and teams across NCAA Division I through III, Ironman Triathletes, Crossfit Games competitors and Olympic athletes. She brings a blend of expertise and insight to the unique challenges faced by high performers at all levels.

Dr. Megan has appeared as an expert on ESPN’s SportsCenter multiple times and she frequently contributes to a variety of podcasts and magazines, on athlete emotional health and performance, solidifying her reputation as a transformative force in sports psychology. She is your guide to unlocking peak performance for your organization.

Most Requested Themes and Topics:
Topics include (but not limited to): Tackling Performance Anxiety, Building Confidence from the Ground Up, Emotional Health is Mental Toughness, How the Mind Works, Communicate for Success, Athlete’s Playbook: Mastering Goal Setting for Peak Performance, Promoting a Positive Emotional Health Environment, Tips for Parenting Today’s Student-Athlete, Process > Outcome: Practical Strategies in Performance Psychology to Achieve Excellence

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